Though most people think of play as frivolous, childish, silly, it can also be quiet, mindful, meaningful. I work with a definition of play as any focused, open-ended exploration that has no known outcome, done for intrinsic reasons, often eliciting feelings of contentment.

Our planet is facing massive problems on social, personal, and environmental levels. We will need solutions that have not yet been thought of. And to come up with such solutions we need creative and adaptive minds. Not only has creativity been on the decline since 1990, but NASA research shows that while 98% of 4 year olds score in the “creative genius” category, by the time they are adults only 2% score in this category. This isn’t looking great for those solutions we need. You came here to investigate play, light and fun play, and now you’re bummed out. Keep reading!

Play is the gateway, the easiest pathway back to our creativity. See! The answer is play. How great is that!? It is vital that on a personal and cultural level we value and implement ways to free play. I have ideas, lots of ideas, workshops and presentations.

I have brought creativity and play to populations as varied as special-needs preschoolers to leadership at NASA. Want to bring me to your organization or school? Reach out.

I’m also in the beginning stages of a book on PLAY. Know a publisher? Want to be interviewed? Want to collaborate? I’m here, a real person who answers emails!

Here are just a few examples of ways that play has served me. I have always lived a very out-of-the box, what box?, creative life, and I attribute this to my ongoing devotion to play. Could play be the answer to everything? I’d sure like to think so. Let’s PLAY.


This video is in 3 sections. The first section contains a few videos from my Vidi-ditty series from the 100 Day Project on Instagram sponsored by Elle Luna and The Great Discontent. The second part is an excerpt from Princess and The Hare, a longer video featuring myself and my most lovely god daughter Emma Rubinowitz. The third section is also an excerpt from a longer piece, My Favorite Aunt. All of the work is improvised, both in front of and behind the camera. This is PLAY.

I was commissioned by the State of Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau to design an experiential marketing campaign that imparted the feeling of Hawaii to the people of New York. Hawaii is my mecca, so I knew the feeling of aloha that is inherent to the land. I designed 18 costumes, inhabited by wonderful modern dancers who’d been led through a process of aloha. The State of Hawaii hooked us up with world class authentic hula dancers and musicians. The beautiful culture and luscious land of Hawaii popped-up in multiple locations around New York City, in chilly chilly March. It was magic. This is PLAY!

This video documents a project I’ve called Dancing with Strangers, because that’s what we were doing. We went to a busy hub, put on music, and asked people to dance. A woman in her 70s said that this made her year. A woman in her 20s said she felt so much happier when she’d been having a bad day. A man in his 40s said I forgot what it was like to lighten up, this was brilliant. This is PLAY.

For the last 2 years I have taught an online course called 45 Days of Creative Mojo. I offer a wide variety of creative prompts, delivered daily for 45 days. We have a private group where people share their playful, beautiful, perfectly imperfect creations. Shown here are highlights from 2018. This is PLAY.